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Pretty Pretty. All of these are from the first Artbook.

Mangascan pages are on Tripod due to limited space on Geocities. They will remain unless I start getting dirty emails from them about bandwidth.
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This webpage is one of several I have created, you can find the rest at the Realm of Shadowlight. My other pages all contain ORIGINAL content by me. The Inu Yasha Gallery is my only fan page. (Hence, it is the only one that recieves visitors -_-.) Please, visit my other webpages! I worked hard on them, too!

Hurray! I have finally designed the fanart/fiction gallery! Please submit things for me to post, I would be ecstatic! This gallery is not limited to Inu Yasha at all, and I would accept material of any kind from anyone who wishes me to post something. I will be happy to post just about ANYTHING, unless (in my opinion) it is particularly graphic/gory, and I might decline.